Information was received on a social media platform about a suspicious male walking through the bushes. Armed Response arrived on the scene to investigate and found a combination of tools that are known to be used to carry out burglaries.
During the investigation, CCTV footage that the Control Room had been processing showed that the suspect in question was an exact match to a case of trespassing experienced in Fordyce Road that same morning. The client arrived on the scene, made a positive ID of the suspect, and opened a case of malicious damage to property and trespassing. The SAPS arrived on the scene and took the suspect into custody.
The importance of opening a case with the SAPS when becoming a victim of a crime can’t be emphasised enough. If the client in this situation hadn’t opened a case, we would have had no choice but to let the suspect go, being able to do nothing but watch him walk away and wait for the next opportunity to catch him.
In the eyes of the law, if a case is not opened, the crime never happened.