The unemployment rate continues to exponentially increase through the National Lockdown which has a direct impact on the crime rate in our country. 

Burglaries and incidents of theft remain to be the largest enemies in our war on crime at the moment as people become more desperate to put food on the table. Petrol Stations have been identified as easy targets, as multiple cases of theft of fuel have been reported. We urge all businesses to be aware of the various threats, and to be proactive by constantly evaluating your security needs with our team. This can be achieved by calling Atlas Security and getting a free risk assessment done, so that the weaknesses can be identified and necessary upgrades made to your system. 

Robbery of person incidents have become a threat as they can turn violent so quickly, and criminals are seen to be working in larger groups more often. Staying aware of your surroundings is crucial when going for a walk/run/cycle, as valleys and trails are being targeted across the metro. Go out in larger groups (while maintaining social distancing) for a safer experience.