House robberies have been a talking point since the beginning of the National Lockdown, and this week has seen a large spike in this specific crime. 

Understanding what to do in the event of a house robbery will be the deciding factor between life and death. The phrase “Never Be A Hero” certainly applies and should be remembered at all times. It is observed that criminals want to get out just as quickly as you want them out, but they’re not leaving empty handed. They would rather not hurt you but will if they need to as their adrenalin is pumping and any sudden movements could make them panic. 

Is there ever a time to fight back? Yes, there is a time and place to fight back and should only be considered if you possess the correct training, and are able to identify the opportunity to do so. Should you notice your gap to take control of the situation, remember that it is usually a very short window and if you get it wrong, you can put everyones’ lives in danger. 

Note that incident reports are including armed suspects more often than what was experienced in the past, so treat every situation individually and know that your life is a lot more valuable than your TV.