After a long run of violent house robberies plaguing the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay, our team celebrated a massive victory in the fight as our team apprehended two house robbers in Glenroy Park on Wednesday morning.

After receiving a notification of a possible break-in, Armed Response was dispatched to site. Armed Response Officer, B154, arrived on site in only 1 minute and 31 seconds, a lightning-fast response time that was crucial in the success of the incident. During his primary search, it was confirmed that the suspects were still inside the house with the residents. B118 arrived minutes later, and together they entered the premises.

They moved through the house and successfully apprehended two of the suspects, while the other two managed to escape through the bathroom window.

The biggest victory lies in the fact that the victims sustained no injuries. Multiple SAPS vehicles arrived on scene, and the suspects were handed over. After what has been a long hunt for the suspects behind multiple house robberies, we have no doubt that the SAPS will leave no stone unturned to bring the harshest punishment possible down onto these suspects. There is no place for them on our streets.

Well done to the incredible work from our team! Your training kicked in at the most important moments, but your bravery and dedication to the safety of the people we protect is nothing short of incredible.