Another wave of house robberies is being experienced across the metro, with another 3 being reported to the Atlas Security Control Room this week. 

What do we need to do though to minimise our risk of becoming victims to this dangerous crime?  

Early detection is the main deterrent. Perimeter protection is the first hurdle for them, beams, CCTV and fence alarms can scare the suspects away before getting close to an entry point of your home. 

Activating your interior system is the second layer of your family’s armour. As soon as they gain entry your alarm should start screaming, alerting you and your neighbours to the immediate danger, also allowing our Control Room to activate the Armed Response units in your area to your location. 

All these measures of protection are only useful if they are activated when you go to bed. Should they not be armed, it creates an open door policy for criminals. Do the right thing and arm your alarm at night. 

You will never know when you’ve been too careful, but you will immediately know when you haven’t been careful enough.