How Our CCTV Infrastructure Operates

Atlas Security is happy to announce that the first installation and expansion of our CCTV infrastructure will begin soon in Forest Downs & South Downs. This will provide our valued clients in the area with an additional layer of protection. Atlas Security firmly believes in investing in technological resources to ensure that it’s services are always cutting edge, this also further enhances the brand to keep in line with the current crime trends.

Clinton Millard said this further reiterates our commitment to securing the area of Port Alfred and surrounding communities. The success Atlas Security has had with LPR cameras has been tremendous, having recently assisted the SAPS in multiple arrests following farm attacks in Alexandria, stock theft, theft and armed robberies.

The same technology has been used in Port Elizabeth for a number of months. Atlas Security’s Community Development Manager, Bernadette Nel-Naude said that since the installation of cameras in several suburbs in Port Elizabeth, we have seen an incredible drop in crime. Not only do we have LPR (License Plate Recognition), but all the poles are equipped with “overwatch” cameras, which allows us to monitor vehicles entering specific areas. In addition to this CCTV pole, it will also house an Analytical Intelligent camera, which is trained to monitor the environment and understand the difference between animals, humans and vehicles. They have been incredibly successful in the prevention of crimes, these cameras send signals to our control room when it detects suspicious activity, these cameras are set at predetermined times.

Atlas Security will continue to communicate to residents on the progress of our first installation. When we work together with communities, backed with an area that has good working alarm systems, we greatly strengthen the fight against crime. Prevention will always be your best line of defense against criminals.