How To Catch A Criminal Using CCTV

CCTV cameras are an invaluable tool for security surveillance, investigations and deterring criminals. They are also widely used in business for identifying potential accidents, monitoring machinery and industrial processes

Like you, we had no idea that we would be hit by this global pandemic called COVID-19 (Coronavirus), it’s changed how we operate, forcing us to stay at home, away from work or your business. Your business is left vulnerable, and as we have seen, business break-ins are on the rise, by double-digit numbers, which is a major concern.

If you’re a business owner during the lockdown, your life is already stressful. There are tools available that can put your mind at ease, using technology in the palm of your hands. Monitoring is critical in catching criminals. What’s more important for your business – prevention or protection?


Atlas Security has had many successes in catching criminals using CCTV technology. So we put together just a few intruders caught on camera by our Armed Response teams. These cameras are monitored by the Atlas Security control room, the team will monitor every movement of each camera. It is the most comprehensive monitoring available and will protect your site around the clock. Our control room will be able to detect any security breaches in real-time and act accordingly.

In this video, it will explain how intelligent these cameras really are


In the event of a positive incident at a workplace where a staff member is seen to have contravened any rules, depending on your setup or the setup you choose, CCTV may be used as evidence to the CCMA. But only on these terms:

  • The videotape is clear. This means that visuals and audio must be sharp.
  • The video must be authenticated. In addition to the tape being clear, it must be shown not to have been tampered with in any way.
  • The visuals and audio accurately reflect the incident in question and not some other incident.
  • The evidence provided by the videotape must not be hearsay and must not be contradicted by other evidence.
  • The video should not be part of an illegal entrapment exercise.

All security systems are only as good as the platform and equipment that is used and properly installed so even if you have state of the art hardware in place it won’t do you any good without the ability to review the images and playback the video feed.

Why is this so important? This piece is what tells the story about what happened and who is responsible and without it then the investigation has to rely on other clues.

Below is a video of an arrest that was caught on camera. The arresting officer just so happened to have been an off-duty Atlas Security Armed Response Officer, who had noticed movement in the building

It’s best that you seek advice from a security specialist before purchasing any product, whether it be for your home or business. Our Technical teams are on standby during the National Lockdown. For any assistance or question please call 0861 585 585