How To Choose The Best Private Security Company

The 4 Golden Rules to choosing the right Armed Response security company for you – we’re going to give you the essential facts. As a company that has taken care of thousands of clients over our 35 year history, Atlas Security specialises in taking your security headaches away. If you don’t think that Atlas Security is for you – then hold on to this information because you may change your mind soon.

RULE 1: Your security company’s officers should respond with fast response times within the industry standards. Also, look on their vehicles, are they “Armed Response” – it does make a huge difference. If their officers give the false impression that they are armed, be careful. There isn’t much a BB or Pellet Gun can do in a real life emergency that requires serious intervention.

RULE 2: Your security company should provide the community with information on criminal trends and reports for your area. Forewarned is forearmed!

RULE 3: They should be PSIRA compliant and trained – it may seem obvious but being registered at the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is not the same as being compliant. Many security companies register but fail to train their Security Officers according to PSIRA regulations and comply with PSIRA requirements.

RULE 4: Competency: Their staff should undergo continuous training. Furthermore their technicians and sales staff should be trained and accredited to SAIDSA’s technical standards.

Atlas Security DO NOT compromise on regular training for ALL our staff.

  • We DO NOT compete on a “price for price” with other armed response security companies because we employ as a matter of principle only the best Armed Response Officers for the job, including staff and highly trained controllers in our control room
  • We DO NOT undermine our client safety by employing non-PSIRA registered Security Officers
  • We DO NOT compromise on regular training for ALL our staff
  • We DO NOT skimp on going the extra mile  – Our control room monitors over 300 WhatsApp and Telegram groups as a “give back” to the community
  • What WE DO is provide the best Security Solution for your needs – without compromise!
  • Intelligence Based Security
  • Expert Knowledge and Crime Prevention through Education Programmes – This through the various forums our team attend, including our very own Self Defense workshop, which we have carried out in various areas, at no charge to the community.
  • GUARANTEE 1: Atlas Security guarantees an Armed Response Officer will be dispatch to your property in the event of an alarm activation and you request response.
  • GUARANTEE 2: Atlas Security guarantees we will respond with faster response times.
  • GUARANTEE 3: Atlas Security guarantees ALL our staff are polygraphed pre-employment and random during the duration of working for Atlas Security
  • GUARANTEE 4: Atlas Security guarantees a PSIRA trained, registered and compliant staff members

Perhaps this was a lot of information, but this is YOUR security, YOUR life… we’re pretty sure you would have done as much reading when shopping for a new vehicle 😉