Huge success through testing times

A total of 52 incidents were reported to Atlas Security. Of these, 22 were positive burglaries, 2 attempted burglaries, 3 armed robberies, 6 theft incidents, 2 attempted thefts, 1 incident of vandalism, 4 trespassing incidents, 1 house robbery, 5 medical assistances, 2 house fires, 1 robbery of person, 1 hijacking and 9 arrests were made. 

What was clearly a very busy week for the Atlas Security Team, certain figures always stand out for different reasons. On the negative side, the hijacking that popped its head out is always a concern, although it is just one incident, it is one incident too many as hijacking situations can end badly too often, the house robbery is another concern. Stay alert to your surroundings at all times. On the positive side, the team worked incredibly hard to make a massive 9 arrests in the week. These successes help to not only take criminals off our streets and create a safer community, but also serve as a warning to other criminals that Atlas Security are there, and we are hungry to clean up our community. 

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