Atlas Security brings you Atlas ICE. A mobile panic button on your cell phone that requires no data! Existing clients can get it as an additional service on top of their current contract, non-clients can get it as a standalone service and DPS clients have it included in their package.

Carrying around a spare button when you’re at home can become a hassle as we leave it on the kitchen table or hanging up with the keys, so what if we told you that you can have the same benefit of the panic button on your cell phone?

This gives you peace of mind as people tend to have their phones on or close to them more often than not, and in the event of an emergency one can’t always reach a fixed panic button on the premises for various reasons; such as an intruder could be blocking your path to the button, a fire could be raging through your home or business making the button impossible to reach, or you’re having a medical emergency and lose mobility making it impossible to reach the button. This is why having a quick and direct link to the control room on your phone could be your single call for help.

How it works?

The panic button is a speed dial concept, so it requires no data. All you need is battery life and a positive airtime balance to initiate the call.

The call will ring once and then the call will cut off, this is when the panic signal comes up in our Control Room and Armed Response will immediately be dispatched to the default address (not to the location of the cell phone). The Control Room will then attempt to make contact with you to investigate the emergency.

Who Can Get It?

One ICE contract will allow 4 devices to be connected, with a fee for every device after that.

  • Anyone that does not have a linked alarm system
  • Existing Atlas Security clients can have it as an addition to their existing contract for a reduced fee.
  • DPS Clients have it included in their DPS package.

What will it cost?

Atlas ICE costs R185 per month for up to 4 devices, with each device after that costing an additional R25.

Existing clients can add to it their contract for an extra R40 per month for 4 devices, with each device after that costing an additional R25.

DPS Clients have the service included in their package for 4 devices, with each extra device costing an additional R25.

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    R150 per month for 4 numbers on the same property • R25 for each extra user/number

    R25 for 4 users/numbers for existing Atlas clients • VAT Included



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    This is a password used when our Control Room contacts you once we have received a panic signal from the mobile panic button app to verify that we are speaking to the account holder and that everything is safe and secure.


    Debit Order Banking Details

    If the amount to be paid or payment dates change Atlas Security will notify you in writing in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If Atlas Security or your bank makes an error, you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from Atlas Security of the amount paid.

    I hereby instruct and authorise Atlas Security to draw against my bank account the payment required in terms of my service agreement on the 1st day of each month and continuing for the duration of this service agreement. I undertake against the said bank that I shall regard receipt and acknowledgement by Atlas Security of this request, as receipt and acknowledgement by the bank.

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