In Loving Memory of Mufasa – B6407
Today, with heavy hearts, we pay our respects and offer our deepest condolences to Warrant Officer Damian Theron on the passing of Mufasa, his beloved partner.
Warrant Officer Damian Theron and Mufasa shared a bond that extended beyond words. It was a partnership forged in courage, trust, and a shared mission to keep the community of Port Elizabeth safe. As Mufasa’s handler and partner, Damian played an integral role in Mufasa’s journey of service and sacrifice, and their shared dedication to the SAPS.
Mufasa made 49 tackles during his lifetime, and his unwavering commitment to tracking down suspects testified to his dedication. We at Atlas Security are deeply grateful for the impact Mufasa had on the safety and security of our community, and we understand that this loss is felt not just by the SAPS family but also by the entire Port Elizabeth community.
Warrant Officer Damian Theron, we offer our heartfelt condolences during this time. Your partnership with Mufasa was truly inspiring, and the love and respect you shared with your loyal companion touched the hearts of many.
Mufasa may have crossed the rainbow bridge, but his memory will forever be a symbol of bravery and the power of unwavering dedication to a noble cause. We thank both you and Mufasa for your service to our community.
Rest in peace, Mufasa, and may WO Theron find comfort during this time of loss.