A bystander at a Mount Pleasant shopping complex hurried to alert an Atlas Security Armed Response officer of a patient who was not breathing after tumbling down a large flight of stairs.

When our Armed Response Officers arrived, it was evident that the man had been unconscious for several minutes. All attempts at resuscitation to that point had been unsuccessful. When B75 saw the collapsed man, he quickly stepped in and performed CPR, this quick thinking and his comprehensive medical training saved the patient’s life.

An ambulance was dispatched to take the man to the hospital. Suffering only a few scrapes, bruises, and a broken nose, he is still alive. He was grateful for the help from the Atlas Security team and the concerned citizen.

The heroics of B75 is a demonstration of what the team at Atlas Security stands for. Saving lives on a daily basis is what drives us to do what we do! The passion for your safety is the foundation of our existence.

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