Increased Movement In Walmer


Dear residents,

Residents have been warned to ensure that their alarms are armed after several incidents and increased movement have occurred in both Upper Walmer and Walmer, with the majority of the incidents outside of the Upper Walmer DPS area

Between the 11 – 23 December, Walmer has experienced 2 incidents of trespassing, 1 incident of an attempted burglary and 3 burglaries with 1 arrest being made by Atlas Security. Over the past 24 hours, Upper Walmer had an attempted burglary in Short Road and another case of trespassing in an Estate which triggered an alarm from an analytical camera monitored by the Atlas Security control room. The footage will now allow our team to identify the suspect should they enter the area again.

At the start of December; knowing what the festive season brings with increased crime, Atlas Security’s members have centralised their resources into multiple units, which operates as a powerful preventative crime-fighting force, whilst simultaneously supporting communities towards advancing their strategies in combatting crime and bringing perpetrators to book.

Our control room performs a strategic role within the operations team and in partnership with role-players formulate strategic objectives for areas of operation, as well as fostering of relationships with law enforcement agencies and community role-players. Our Armed Response Officers use their networks on the ground to support investigations, collect intelligence to track down criminals.

Atlas Security understands the need for our clients to have one less worry this festive season, so leave your security to us. Our Operations Team are stronger than ever and ready to protect your home or business. After proving their capabilities throughout the year with so much success through trying times, the team have had their rotational leave cycles and are back in full force for the silly season.

We encourage residents not to view petty incidents as too small to open a charge, as this process brings us one step closer to getting criminals off the street. It enables law enforcement to tie suspects to previous incidents and increases the chances of a conviction. Moreover, we want to help residents in practical ways to help keep them and their communities safe