From South African intruder detection Association – 2020

SAIDSA Bylaw 5 is an intruder alarm installation standard which governs installations performed by approved members of the South African Intruder Detection Service Association (SAIDSA) when required to do so by the insurance industry or requested the client.

A certified Bylaw 5 installation offers the client more comprehensive protection. The installation company must issue the client with a certificate certifying that the installation is done according to Bylaw 5. SAIDSA will randomly inspect certified installations. Installers of certified installations will also have to enter into maintenance contracts with clients.

It is important to note that only SAIDSA members who are approved for installations of intruder alarms are permitted to issue an installation certificate.

The purpose of a certified installation, is that insurers may recognize the installation in question as having been carried out in compliance with the SAIDSA Bylaw 5, and therefore of a higher and controlled standard.


When is a Bylaw 5 Installation required?

In most cases an insurer will call for a Bylaw 5 installation or upgrade but this may not always be the case. The client may also request a Bylaw 5 certified installation in order to ensure that the installation is performed to a strict standard and certified, giving the client peace of mind and providing a method of recourse against the installer should anything go wrong.

A Bylaw 5 installation could be called for in the following instances:

  • After assessing the risk, an insurer may request it prior to providing insurance cover.
  • After a burglary, an insurer may request an installation or upgrade to Bylaw 5.
  • If a client’s risk profile changes, the insurer may request an installation or upgrade.
  • If a client requests it.

The following should be noted:

  • The certificate is not a guarantee that the installation complies with any standards of workmanship or that it is free of defects.
  • The certificate does not constitute in any way a manufacturer’s warranty nor will it guarantee insurability.
  • Should the service of any one of the SAIDSA approved service providers, namely the installation company, reaction company or central station be terminated, the certificate will be null and void.
  • SAIDSA does not accept any liability for any loss, cost, expense, liability or damage of any nature suffered by the client or a third party as a result of a reliance on the certificate.
  • SAIDSA does not accept any responsibility or liability for any defect there may be in the installation or any loss suffered by any party due to the installation’s failure to operate at any time.
  • In the interest of maintaining installation standards of member companies, SAIDSA reserves the right to inspect any installation.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to test the system at two-weekly intervals and advise the installation company of any system faults or modification of the risk.
  • A maintenance agreement, as defined in Bylaw 5 must be entered into between the Installation / Service Company and the client.
  • All certificates and/or guarantees provided by the installer will be null and void if any third party, other than the installation company, including the user tampers, adds, removes or replaces any equipment in the installation.

For more, download the Bylaw 5 document here. BY-LAW NO. 5