Introducing ATLAS SOLAR


The ATLAS SOLAR is a specifically calculated sized solar panel, mounted on a powder-coated swivel bracket on the clients’ wall and needs to be installed facing a NORTHERN direction to capture all of the sunlight during daytime.


Once installed, a cable is run to the clients’ alarm system (not exceeding 15 meters) where we then install a customized regulator fused board on the alarm battery. This allows for the alarm panel to charge normally from its own power source when there is NO LOAD SHEDDING and only switches over to the SOLAR charger during daytime when there is load shedding.


Included in this kit:
– 1x Solar Panel
– 1x Powder coated Swivel Bracket
– Cable
– 1x Regulator fuse board
– 4x Rawl Bolts


The price for this solar panel will be R1 495 excluding VAT, including installation.


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