Is Your Property Ready For The Holidays…?

Monty Montgomery, Atlas Security Operations Manager reports that the silly season is upon us. Are you ready for the buzz? Are you going away or staying home? Either way, you will still need the best protection in place for your family and possessions.

Home invasions usually increases building up to the holidays. Remain vigilant and secure your property as best possible. Do not leave any area unprotected. Criminals do their homework and will always find a gap. He reminds readers to protect their garages and outbuildings. Your garage door should be as secure as your front and back door. Monitor your garage door with your alarm system, by having a passive infrared installed in your garage and a magnetic contact fitted to the bottom of the door. Early detection allows for quicker reaction times for armed response and SAPS.

If you are planning on going away for the upcoming summer holiday, please make sure that your alarms are in good working order. Most importantly, make sure that you have trustworthy key holders in place to act on your behalf. Access: If is highly recommended that you make arrangements for the Response Officers to gain access to your property to do a full 360 check. To the residents on large plots and industrial sites, Monty advises them to focus on good lighting. This is a major deterrent and assists the Response Officers during an emergency.

A high percentage of burglaries occur where inside information is distributed through various channels – whether knowingly or unwittingly. One such channel is on-site workers. It would be prudent to follow these steps if you are expecting contractors in your home or business.

·         Before workers arrive, decide what you want them to see and what you want to hide from their sight.

·         Install a temporary alarm in the areas where the building is taking place to ensure your risk is minimised.

·         Plan beforehand the route through your home that you are prepared to have them take and use while there.

·         Make sure that this is the shortest and safest to the place they must work.

·         Pack away any valuables and expensive-looking items such as laptops, video cameras, coin collections and jewellery.

·         Don’t be shy in asking them to use the back entrance; this may limit exposure to your property.

Theft out of motor vehicles is still on the rise. Once again, you should ensure that your vehicles are behind locked gates/garages; hide your valuables and double check that your vehicle is locked. Vehicles left unattended with high value sound systems and anything of value are targeted. It also causes serious damage to our vehicles – sometimes more damage than loss.

Monty shares that cameras and dogs are a great combination of early detection. Always investigate when your dog becomes restless. 99% of the time they’re waring you of a problem in your area. Always react – it might be your final warning before danger approaches.

Our pedestrians are still targeted by very brazen criminals who are very intimidating and normally armed with knives or guns – either toy guns or real.  They will do whatever they need to in order to get what they want. Be vigilant and avoid being taken by surprise as you are seldom attacked when noticed. Always ensure that help is available, should you be in the middle of an emergency.

Hijacking and theft of motor vehicles is an ongoing crime. Be careful and vigilant out there. Do not take shortcuts and let’s go back to basics.

On a final note, Montgomery has also found a lot of premises with old burglar alarms – he again advises that people should contact their service provider for a free quotation. It is vital to have enough security coverage and equipment that is in proper working order.

Stay safe and rest assured, your world is secure in Atlas’ hands.