Did you know? Our commitment to safety runs deep, and our state-of-the-art CCTV network is at the forefront of our proactive approach to combating crime in Nelson Mandela Bay.



Here’s how our CCTV system is making a difference:


License Plate Recognition (LPR):


    • Our control room processes an astounding 2.2 million reads of registration plates every month!
    • In February alone, 3,393 vehicles were flagged by our LPR cameras across the metro.
    • These flagged vehicles include everything from stolen cars to those used in criminal activities, poaching incidents, and more.


Collaboration with SAPS:


    • The valuable information we gather is shared with the South African Police Service.
    • It’s like passing the baton in a relay race—our data becomes a crucial part of their investigations.


The Future Looks Bright:


    • We’re amped up about the future of CCTV in Nelson Mandela Bay!
    • As technology evolves, so do we.
    • Our commitment remains unwavering: proactive crime prevention through cutting-edge surveillance.


Safety is our mission, and our cameras are the silent guardians watching over our community.