Lovemore Heights Woman Escapes Gunshot From Attempted Hijackers

A Lovemore Heights woman escaped unharmed from suspects who had attempted to hijack her as she was leaving her home on Wednesday morning.

Atlas Security Operations Manager said that a Edmonds Road resident got into her vehicle to leave for work in when 3 suspects approached her, one had pointed a firearm into the vehicle and another suspect attempted to open the vehicle while the third suspect jumped in front of the vehicle, she immediately reversed in an attempt to escape while blowing her vehicle’s hooter, this is when one suspect fired a shot, the suspects were disturbed when the woman’s husband ran outside. The suspects fled and headed towards Greenways Road and Buffelsfontein road.

We’re pleased to report that the resident is unharmed but in a state of shock. The scene has been handed over to the SAPS for further investigation.

Being vigilant and conscious of your personal security goes a long way to preventing crime. Always check outside your property to see if there are any suspicious individuals or loiterers hanging around before opening your gates. And when you arrive home always pull up parallel to your property while you wait for the gates to open. This makes it possible for you to drive away quickly if approached by a suspect and prevents hijackers from being able to jam you into your driveway with their vehicle.

Monty Montgomery advised residents to also ensure any overgrown bushes or trees are regularly trimmed so that criminals will not be able to find hiding places to lie in wait. It’s also so important for communities to work together in neighbourhood watch groups to fight crime. Even if you are an elderly person living at home you can be eyes and ears for your neighbours by reporting any suspicious activity to your security company, such as a vehicle driving up and down the road aimlessly during the day, and so possibly prevent a serious crime like a hijacking.