On Mandela Day, we joined hands with the Association for the Physically Disabled (APD) and experienced the lifestyle of another for 67 minutes. Thanks to APD – NMB, we were able to embark on an eye-opening experience at the Pier in Humewood. As we navigated through their challenging obstacle course in wheelchairs, we gained a whole new perspective on the daily struggles faced by wheelchair-bound individuals. This was followed by a wheelchair race between multiple partners and sponsors which is when it became clear to us that they possess incredible strength that we might not have fully appreciated before. The reality is, it’s far from easy.
After our immersive 67-minute journey, our hearts widened with empathy and our minds became more conscious of the needs of others. We came away from this experience committed to being not only more considerate but also a little kinder whenever we encounter someone in a wheelchair. Let’s strive to carry the spirit of Mandela Day with us every single day.