An enormous surge in criminal activity has been reported from the Atlas Security Control Room this week as total incidents increased by a whopping 62.5% within the past 2 weeks. 

Two worrying trends have surfaced, one of which poses a physical threat to the victims. The first trend is the targeting of vehicles. Criminals are gaining access into yards and breaking into vehicles as it is a very low risk target for them. Smashing and grabbing valuables that are left in cars generally triggers the car alarm which residents often don’t recognise as their own, giving the suspects time to grab and run with no interruptions. 

The easiest way to avoid becoming a victim of this is to not leave any valuables in your car. If there is nothing to steal the criminals will move off and your vehicle will be left untouched, but we are noticing that people are leaving extremely valuable items in plain view on their seats. Another way to combat this is to secure the perimeter of your premises, be it through beams, a fence alarm or a CCTV solution. Detecting the criminals before they get to your vehicle gives us the best chance to respond before they strike. 

The next trend involves criminals hiding and waiting for you to arrive home, and attack as soon as you climb out of your vehicle. These acts of crime put the resident’s life in danger, as in a split second anything can go wrong. You need to assess the entrance area to your property and ask yourself various questions; is it well lit? Is it clear or is it bushy with many hiding spots? When you arrive home are you completely aware of your surroundings or do you check your phone while waiting for your gate to open? Being honest with yourself will determine what changes you need to make on your routine when arriving home. 

DPS clients are reminded of the inclusive “Meet & Greet Service”, which allows you to contact our control room and let them know what time you will be home, allowing our Armed Response to meet you at your home and make sure that you get inside safely. 

Through these very difficult times we urge you to give yourself and your neighbours the best chance at safety. Refer a friend and if they sign up you will get one month free monitoring and response, refer 12 people and if they all sign up that will mean a full year of free monitoring and response.