This week Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, would like to warn all subscribers of the latest trend regarding suspicious vehicles. Suspects are hiring vehicles from various companies; they then change the number plates of the vehicle and perform various criminal activities. They also change the number plate to that of the same vehicle with a different colour which deviates all involved from looking for the actual vehicle involved.

Armed robberies are still sky high. There are at least 2 armed robberies reported to Atlas Security on a daily basis. Please be aware of your safety while shopping or even running into a store. Do not become paranoid to a point that you stay home but stay vigilant!

Monty reported that home invasions are still not under control, the perpetrators have no remorse! Those home invasions that take place when the home owners are away from home are still the highest at the moment – due to these statistics, please be aware that even a quick drive to the shop should encourage you enough to arm you alarm. Major losses are occurring from time to time due to certain areas in the home that are under-protected, panels being ripped our by perpetrators and sensors being used to accommodate pets. Monty advised that the past few home invasions have suffered major losses due to the alarm systems not being armed.

A trend that has always made one ignorant is that of home invasions at double storey homes. The past few home invasions have really opened some eyes! It is not too high or too wide for them to reach – make sure that should you live in a double storey home, you do not leave ladders or any type of garden furniture in places that can be used as “ladders” to get to your upper story. Make sure that should you have any trees etc which could be used to climb into in order to make their way to the top story, are cut back from the house and that you have sufficient protection. Avoid leaving objects on your property that assists them in any way!

With all festivities and sports days coming up – make sure your vehicle is left in a safe place and all valuables are taken out of your vehicle. Monty has still come across a lot of items being left in vehicles so that they can be stolen in order to claim.

Monty has pleaded that all subscribers NOT confront intruders. They are armed and dangerous, do not attempt it, as they will feel vulnerable and attack! Find a way to get help ASAP.

We have had more than one resident that has let us know about vagrants stealing plants from their gardens. Please do not take this lightly, it is important that we are notified and can check up on it, the vagrants will start watching your pattern at home and know when it is “safe” to enter the garden or not. Make sure that you stay vigilant and rather call the response if you see something like this happening – if they start off small they can go big!

Don’t forget to contact us regarding panel protection – the amount of panels being ripped due to the perpetrators extensive knowledge has caused some major losses. Call us on 0861 585 585 or alternatively contact us via email