This week, Atlas Security Operations Manager, Monty Montgomery, warns readers about the spike in theft at residential properties. According to him – among other items – vehicles and tyres are disappearing from yards at a rapid rate.

“We have experienced a major increase in theft out of vehicles and theft of vehicles, as well as an increase in attempts of these offenses.”

Monty says vehicles parked outside homes and businesses lure perpetrators to the area and could actually lead to an increase in all types of crime in the area.

“People must be extremely vigilant and make a concerted effort to not park their vehicles in open and easily accessible spaces. If you have to park your car in an open area, at least make sure that the area is well lit and that your vehicle is fitted with an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device.”

Safety and security require effort and attention to detail, “Parking your car in the garage or carport the moment you get home could prevent you from becoming a target when you go out later to move your car. Make sure when you do leave the house to move your vehicle, that someone inside the house is aware that you are leaving the house to do this.”

He says he has noticed that the occurrence of home invasions seem to be on the rise. “These are essentially burglaries, whether residents are home or not. The main items that are being targeted are electronic devices. People must ensure that their access gates are secured and are always locked. This rule especially applies when your domestic worker is at home alone.”

Monty urges residents not to investigate suspicious sounding noises and to rather press their panic button. “People could assess the situation with caution, but they must never put their lives at risk.”

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