Monty’s Crime Report: Aggravated Crimes could leave you permanently traumatized.

Armed robberies are very high at the moment. Atlas Operations Manager, reports that businesses are being targeted. These criminals are armed and won’t hesitate to shoot – even at our armed response at arrival on a crime scene. This week the exact happened – please be careful and always be aware of your surroundings.

An armed robbery in criminal law is an aggravated form of theft that involves a lethal weapon to penetrate violence. The trauma after such an event can be permanent. Therefore try to avoid and protect yourself as best as possible. Increasing public awareness of the crime and providing businesses with enhanced security and surveillance are thought to reduce the incidence of armed robbery.

Residential and business/commercial burglaries are also on the rise. These groups attempt to disable the alarm systems, focusing on any weak points. They see open windows or insufficient burglar bars and doors not locked properly. Please be careful.

Do not forget that burglars can also trick their way into your home. This week a resident warned their neighbours after such an incident happened to them. The suspects knocked on their front door, pretending to be the SAPS. Fortunately the residents did not open because they didn’t see a Police vehicle. This could have had a detrimental ending. Please be careful when hearing noises outside, get help before approaching these guys as they are armed

Do you have a domestic worker and has he/she been screened? This week a very concerned client contacted Atlas when she caught her domestic worker taking photos of her CCTV cameras. This could lead to serious problems if left unnoticed. To start off with the best is to have your staff polygraphed at the beginning and periodically to stay safe.

We urge all residents to be careful when traveling as hijackers are looking for opportunities to strike. Also be aware when out and about at shopping centres as theft of motor vehicles are on the rise as well as theft out of motor vehicles.

Our school children, students as well as members of community are also being attacked and robbed. Note that these robbers are also armed. Continue sharing all information on your community groups, this increases the eyes in your community and helps to avoid crime. Stay safe and rest assured, your world is secure in Atlas’ hands.