This week Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reported that the school holiday period was under control, compared to previous years. He reminds residents residing near schools to continue keeping an eye on the schools.

Monty reminds readers that another long weekend is around the corner. He urges everyone to be proactive in terms of their safety and security. Make sure that your alarm is in good working order. Also have a look at the strength of your burglar bars – especially in your main bedroom. The first step should be to test your alarm today – to ensure that it’s fully functional.

Every week burglars ransack homes/businesses leaving them in a state. Entry was gained via the bathroom window as well as the roof. Residents are reminded to:

– Check that you have sufficient protection – especially in the roof and bathroom.
– Look out for your neighbours – If you hear a strange noise – be sure to investigate cautiously.
– Stay Safe.

Monty explains that when burglars break through a roof, subscribers must realize and know that criminals are very clever. They plan their intrusions very carefully – obviously around the burglar alarm system so that they can go about their work without any interruptions. Their mission is to bypass the burglar alarm system. This week a nasty roof burglary took place again. Burglars succeeded, due to the fact that the keyholders were not willing to meet the response officer’s on site. The burglars had free reign and went through the entire business. Monty reiterates how important it is for keyholders to meet with the officers to check the inside of the building.

Therefore Monty urges readers to be smart – do not follow the norm by installing just a basic alarm system. Criminals have caught on to this and are working harder and smarter to move around it.

Another very important point is that owners opt to put their dogs in kennels when they go away. He suggests that homeowners rather get a house sitter so that the dog still acts as a line of defence.

Next up, Monty reports that another crime of concern is fraud – which is fast becoming the highest form of crime. This includes banking details, PIN Nos, card swappers etc. At the moment there isn’t enough information on how this crime is being carried out.

– Do not to share your personal information with anyone – especially not over the telephone.
– Do not accept assistance at ATM’s.
– Be very careful when purchasing items on the internet – try and support local.

House robberies are still on the increase. Monty finds that a lot of the incidents happen due to negligence. This week, it was found that many alarms were not even armed at night. It is essential to arm your alarm even if you are still awake and watching TV.

Theft of and theft out of motor vehicles and hijackings are still ongoing. Please be cautious at all times especially at four way stops and traffic lights. These have become hot spots whereby criminals appear out of nowhere and grab your jewellery and goods on your seat etc. Note that this happens very quickly so avoid having your vehicle boxed and being bumper to bumper. Always make sure you’re able to get away.

Monty reports that the robbery from person is becoming a problem in the Bay. Cell phones and valuables are grabbed and suspects flee and disappear on foot. The most popular place where this crime takes place is at busy intersections. Also be aware of smash and grabs at busy intersections.

A final reminder from Monty: This weekend is Ironman – remember to be safe. Carry your bag around your neck and diagonally across your body. Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.