This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, warns that criminals are constantly watching your every move. They are especially looking for signs of negligence and it has become the norm for criminals to capitalize on this. They are successfully gaining entry to properties due to owner’s negligence.

Examples would be:

– Gates and garages left open
– Interleading doors left ajar
– Windows left open
– Front/back doors and security gates left wide open
– Cars left outside/on the verge at night
– Very little or no perimeter protection

Monty reiterates that townhouse complexes are still riddled with crime. He recently noticed that electrical boxes and electrical poles are installed very close to the perimeter walls of these sites. With a helping hand, thieves use this as a ladder and gain access to the properties. Monty warns residents not to just rely on your boundary wall and electric fences. This is a definite false sense of security. It is also a known fact that criminals can bypass electric fences if they have not been installed correctly.

Next up, Monty touches on window panes, burglar bars, external doors and gates. He emphasises that these should be reliable and secured properly. Ensure that your burglar bars can’t be removed and that gates can’t be easily bent.

He also urges owners to have a look at their sliding remote gates. Make sure that the locks are strong and robust. Lately many devices have changed from metal to plastic which enables criminals to force and break these devices easily. Also do not rely on DIY devices.

Lastly, Monty noticed that pedestrians are becoming easy targets. They are extremely vulnerable and have become high targets. Be alert and aware of your surroundings. He urges the community to stand together in all aspects and reminds the public to go about their activities in groups. There are many good people around that will assist. Not everyone around you is a suspect.

Take care and look after yourself. Remember…the criminal is only as successful as we make him…because of our own negligence.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.