With the New Year upon us and the holiday season drawing to an end, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager warns residents to still be vigilant as criminals are still operating in the greater Port Elizabeth area.Our mission is simple and ambitious – to reduce crime – by working hand in hand with our local SAPS. Through our bi-weekly newsletter, ATLAS plans to educate and advise you on the latest criminal trends and how to counter them. By following these security tips, you can help fight crime, save lives and educate your friends and family.

Monty reports that 2018 started with a bang: our Response officers are in excellent shape and worked very hard to keep our city safe. The festive season was anything but quiet! Atlas Armed Response Officers managed to put a total of 22 perpetrators behind bars for various crimes committed over the festive season. Residents should be wary of being lured into a false sense of security despite a large decrease in contact crime over the festive season.

Monty proudly reports that from the majority of burglaries, major losses were minimized. He adds that the past festive season was one of the best joint ventures…Port Elizabeth really showed how working together helped control our problems in the Bay. The aim of all emergency entities is to achieve great results and with more positive staff we can all achieve even greater heights.

Statistics show that non-alarmed residents were targeted the most. Our biggest battle was armed robberies which became a daily occurrence resulting in statistics being far too high. However Monty wishes to thank the communities and other emergency services who assisted Atlas in keeping everything under control.

Lastly Monty requests readers to keep up the good work and keep up with the positive crime fighting momentum. 2018 can only be great if we all work together. Remember that it is vital that all homeowners arm their alarms at night, take heed of warning signs and apply a layered approach to home security, thereby not relying on any one measure alone but rather opting for combinations of deterrents, physical barriers, electronic options and personal defence measures.

Are you safe when you sleep?

Monty reminds readers that every week brazen burglars are even attempting to gain access to homes while families lay asleep in their beds. It must be stated for security purposes, when your ATLAS alarm system is installed, it is programmed for an arming function known as STAY/INSTANT mode. By applying this function, the alarm is armed but various areas in the house where residents might need to move about, such as bedrooms and passage areas, are unarmed. All other areas and perimeter zones are thus protected.

This feature can act as an early warning system and deterrent, should intruders try to enter your house while you are at home. Please ensure that you and your family members are familiar with this arming procedure. Call ATLAS on 041401 2222 if you need any help with the procedure for this alarm function.