This week Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager expressed great concern over the number of armed robberies that have taken place in the Bay. Gangs are becoming larger and, therefore, the loss suffered is doubling. This is a sign that gangs are becoming greedier and more brazen.

Monty has pleaded that all subscribers NOT confront intruders. They are armed and dangerous, do not attempt it, as they will feel vulnerable and attack! Find a way to get help ASAP. Please be aware of your safety while shopping or even running into a store. Do not become paranoid to a point that you stay home but stay vigilant!

24 hour shops are extremely vulnerable at the moment. He urges these business owners to increase their night shift staff and ensure that they are armed with all the necessary security measures.

Where possible, he encourages 24 hour businesses to have CCTV installed, linked to an armed response company ensuring that the response officer standing down knows what to expect when responding to emergencies.

Robbery from person is out of control at the moment following the incidents that took place in Summerstrand this week. Another concern Montgomery shared is that criminals are targeting scholars and students as well as ladies who are in public places on their own; joggers – running with ear phones in their ears are also on this list. He adds that attackers are becoming more and more aggressive. He urges victims NOT to confront the attackers as they are armed and dangerous.

He urges everyone to:
• be aware of your surroundings
• make use of safe parking at malls
• ladies: try not to shop alone – criminals tend to grab your jewellery off your body
• When going out at night, try and walk in crowds. There’s safety in numbers. Do not go to your vehicle alone. Car guards are not security guards – do not rely on them.

Theft out of motor vehicles and smash and grabs is escalating at the moment. Smash and grabs are becoming more lucrative as most of the time the driver’s handbag is in the vehicle. Once you’ve entered your vehicle, start your car immediately, drive away and always look around when stopping in the traffic.

Business Invasions are occurring every evening with major losses suffered. Monty reminds business owners to have barriers behind the front door ie. Extra security gates, extra passives and magnetic contacts. Your aim should also be to have multiple alarms

Home Invasions: Those home invasions that take place when the home owners are away from home are still the highest at the moment – due to these statistics, please be aware that even a quick drive to the shop should encourage you to arm you alarm. Major losses are occurring from time to time due to certain areas in the home being under-protected, panels being ripped by perpetrators and sensors being used that accommodate pets, but not humans. Monty advised that the past few home invasions have suffered major losses due to the alarm systems not being armed.

Don’t forget to contact us regarding panel protection – the amount of panels being ripped due to the perpetrators extensive knowledge has caused some major losses. Call us on 0861 585 585 or alternatively contact us via email

Lastly Monty issues an early warning to those planning a road trip over the coming long weekend. Click here to read our checklist.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.