This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, warns readers that roof burglaries have increased radically. More than it has ever before.

Monty would like to thank the SAPS for their great partnership and working relationship. Great arrests have been made thus far by both Atlas and the Police. Monty also recently confirmed that Atlas re-arrested one of the most wanted angle-grinder suspects. This definitely helps to make our Metro a safer place.

He urges the community to continuously do their part in assisting with the fight against crime. Ensure that your alarm is in a good working condition and always lock up your property.

Monty found proof that the major crime syndicates all seem to be linked ie. Roof burglars and angle grinders. He adds that they are extremely organized, qualified and experienced. These syndicates seem to have a “specialist” for each of these types of operation. They would have a candidate who’s excellent at kicking down door and a guy who’s a professional at breaking into a safe in under a minute.

Again, Monty calls upon the public to assist uniformed crime fighters. Our local SAPS are hosting community events and again, he urges the community to support these initiatives.

All armed security and police officials are warned to be careful of hostage situations. Criminals are on the hunt for firearms. Residents are also reminded to safeguard their firearms at home.

Lastly, Monty reminds readers that festive shopping sprees are approaching and that shopping malls are riddled with criminals who are waiting to fill their own coffers. Take care and be aware of your surroundings. The criminal is only as successful as we make him…because of our own negligence. Remember – if you see something suspicious, be sure to report it.

Till next week, stay safe.