Monty’s Crime Report: Be wary, not every Bunny that jumps into your yard is a good one.  

Easter Weekends usually see a spike in crime around the Metro. A mixed bag of incidences like petty crime, armed robberies, burglaries and hijackings take place. Being equipped due to knowledge hereof, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, urges readers to be alert and have a plan in place over this weekend. The criminals keep all emergency personnel on their toes over a long weekend.

Theft out of motor vehicles is still a major concern – please ensure your vehicle is placed behind locked gates or in a garage. If this is not possible, please make sure you have no valuables in the vehicle. Do not attract loiters into your suburb.  

With the rise in homeless citizens, petty crime has taken a knock. Another large attribute to petty crime, is negligence – which acts as a free invitation to the criminals.

Monty issues a warning and wants readers to be aware that armed robbers, roof breakers and front-door kickers are still going about their daily tasks. We have managed to keep the incidents to a minimum thanks to good response times and the community being more vigilant.

Yards without a perimeter gate are an easy invitation for vagrants to find a place to sleep. During winter, shelter is their main concern. It is vital to close your yard and keep them out. Should you find them on your property, a case of trespassing can be opened with the Police and the trespasser will be arrested.

If your premises are left empty/unoccupied, ensure that you do daily checks on the premises. If you fail to secure it properly, the thieves will continue to burgle it and remove everything that’s worth selling – from wiring, copper piping to light switches, and right down to the doors.

Home and Business owners are relying more and more on security systems as crime increases and as technology advances. Users are given more control over how their alarm systems function. Systems protect against burglaries and other crimes, they also allow Security Companies to monitor the premises, both indoors and outdoors. However, what they might not know is that weather may adversely affect these systems and cause them to malfunction.

As a separate and very important matter – to date, Atlas Security responded to nine suicides this year, with three suicides and three attempted suicides reported in the last two weeks. While our Armed Response Officers are equipped to deal with most situations, some of these suicides have been carried out in a brutal way, which has had a traumatizing effect on them. Monty advises family members to look out for each other. Be observant and act if you suspect that someone needs medical/mental help. 

Lastly, Monty commends readers for assisting in the fight against crime. He urges the public to keep up the good work. The public should not rest of their laurels and think that the fight against crime is over. Monty still believes that the best way to curb crime is to make arrests – take them off the streets and escort them through the justice system.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.