Monty’s Crime Report: Break-Ins Rise, But We Remain Committed To Catching These Thugs

Monty Montgomery, Atlas Security Operations Manager reports that the past week was reasonably under control thanks to the hard work and joint effort from Atlas Security and the SAPS. Our CCTV camera infrastructure in our city and surrounding areas have helped us tremendously leading to great arrests for the SAPS. He congratulates the SAPS for their hard work and also urges residents to keep sharing information.

This week burglars ransacked a few residences leaving. Entry was gained via the bathroom window as well as the roof.  Residents are reminded to:

– Check that you have sufficient protection – especially in the roof and bathroom. 

– Protecting entries and exits from criminals.

– Always lock away garden tools.
– Look out for your neighbours – If you hear a strange noise – be sure to investigate cautiously.

He noticed a significant increase in roof entries – in both domestic and industrial areas. Most of the sites targeted are under protected, making it extremely easy for criminals to enter. Monty always reminds business owners to evaluate the value inside their buildings and compare that with the type of protection in place. He explains that when burglars break through a roof, clients must realize and know that criminals are very clever. They plan their intrusions very carefully – obviously around the burglar alarm system so that they can go about their work without any interruptions. Their mission is to bypass the burglar alarm system.

Therefore Monty urges readers to be smart – do not follow the norm by installing just a basic alarm system. The criminals have caught onto this and are working harder and smarter to move around it

Monty pleads with the community to assist with theft of and out of motor vehicles as well as hijackings. Robberies from our students and the elderly are out of hand. Remember these thugs operate in groups – avoid them when walking or cycling. These incidents are happening far too frequently and leave a lot of damages and trauma behind.


* Make sure your property has good lighting on the outside. Thieves feel they are less detectible in dark or dimly lit areas.

* Make sure you introduce physical barriers that limit both entry and exit. Robust burglar bars and gates are essential.

* Survey your property as if you were a thief. Look for those weak links in the chain.

* Rodent’s damage cabling, so ensure the property (ceiling voids in particular) is rodent free.

* Have the system checked at least twice a year. These checks should preferably be carried out by a technician from Atlas Security. Contact Atlas on 041 401 2222 for a Security Professional to visit you and reassess your risk.

Stay safe and rest assured, your world is secure in Atlas’ hands.