Monty’s Crime Report: Brutal armed robberies riddle our city!

Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reported that business premises are still the most targeted at the moment. Security guards at business premises are always at risk, ensure that they are equipped with a panic button and abide by all the security rules in place. Due to the increase in theft of: tyres and rims as well as vehicle batteries, more clients have opted for the CCTV solution to minimize this problem. To find out more about our packages, Click here.

Loiterers remain a matter of concern in our residential areas; Monty urges all residents to practice precautionary measures at all times.

During the past week, the most reported stolen items were: trailers, motorcycles, bicycles and vehicle theft. Valuables should never be visible in your car, petty theft out of motor vehicles cause more damage than what they do a loss.

Home invasions have risen slightly but due to excellent response times and assistance from the SAPS, our team saw great successes.  

Armed robberies is also a cause for concern, however Atlas Security Operations Team are equipped and ready. For any situation that may arise. Attacks are become more brutal, we again urge all residents to ensure your home security is up to scratch and in well working order.

Atlas Security would like commend all clients for their co-operation in working together as a community to keep our city safe. You can rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.

Keep it up the information sharing and look out for each other. Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.