This week Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reported that criminals are up to all sorts of tricks in order to score more loot. Yes, it is possible using clever cloaking methods, but usually only where low end detectors are used. It is more difficult to defeat a good quality detector that has been “correctly installed”. Always ensure that you use the correct detector for the right application and regularly upgrade them as technology evolves.

Earlier this week, intruders shielded themselves with an umbrella. This is called anti-cloaking: A specific detector used to detect the deliberate covering of an intruder with infrared blocking materials. Please contact Atlas on 0861 585 585 or email us at for more information.

This week, house robberies were far too high. In one specific incident, a domestic worker was tied up while the robbers ransacked the house. Thereafter the homeowner walked in on the robbers. Monty urges readers to be careful when you arrive at home. Be alert. He mentions that having a dog is a great deterrent eg. If your dog is acting weird when you arrive at home, you should immediately know that something is wrong.

Another scary incident that shocked the bay was an attempted hijacking where a little baby was in the car. Fortunately this incident ended with an Arrest. Click here to read more. Monty warns shoppers to be careful when parking their vehicles. Look around before you get out of your vehicle.

Political marches and strikes are currently happening in our city, so Monty warns that the public be alert and aware as all security forces will be busy keeping the city calm.

This weekend is an extra long weekend and he warns that home invasions and armed robberies might peek. He also reminds readers to have dedicated keyholders – who you entrust to keep a key to your home/business while you’re away.

Click here to read about the importance of keyholders meeting with the response officers after your alarm activated.

Monty highlights a few important points:
– Make sure alarm is armed. This is vital.
– Protect your alarm panel as you would protect your safe.
– If you have family sleeping over –still make use of your alarm. Criminals catch on by the number of cars parked in your yard and will strike as your alarm will probably not be armed.
– Prevention is better than cure.
– Look after your domestic worker by arming them with a panic button.
– Have enough lights on in your yard at night.
– Do not leave any valuables in your yard – especially not in the front yard.

Armed robberies are happening far too frequently. He warns shoppers to stay calm should they be in a shop where a robbery is unfolding. Do as you are told. Remember, if you are in the way of these robbers, they will either “take you out” or hurt you.

This weekend we will have extra visitors and activities in our city. This will automatically increase criminal activity. Safeguard your vehicles. He urges readers to actively participate in the fight against crime. Be the extra eyes and ears.

Monty encourages residents to not only look after their own property – but to also look after your neighbours. If you see anything out of the ordinary – report it.

Coincidentally, month-end also falls over this long weekend. Be careful at the ATM. Card swopping is still taking place.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.