This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, wishes to share a bit of good news with the community following a few great arrests. Putting these thugs behind bars is a celebration, as lots of effort and team work went into putting them in jail.

This past week Montgomery saw a large presence by SAPS and various security companies. This presence alone puts a positive spin on crime as it allows for more eyes and ears on the ground.

Quick responses to even the smaller burglaries, have enabled Atlas and the Police to make plenty of arrests. The officers on the ground were fast and alert, resulting in none or very little loss.

With all the positive work, logically there’ll be negatives. This week robbers have been targeting security personnel as well as the Police. They are targeted for their firearms, hand radios and vehicles, which they use as a getaway vehicle only.

Security presence at shopping centres has also been increased following recent incidents. Security staff at the centres are highly visible and continuously on patrol. Recently, a lady was caught after she stole from a shop in a well-known shopping centre. She fled and jumped into a random truck that stopped at a red traffic light. Thanks to a great team effort by security and members of the public, this lead to a positive arrest. Monty urges the public to be aware of their surroundings and to react when they see anything suspicious unfolding.

Roof intrusions are out of control at the moment and creating chaos. These are occurring predominantly at industrial sites, which are difficult to detect by checking only the perimeter. A substantial proportion of burglaries are attributed to negligence, such as keyholders failing to meet with response officers after their alarms have activated. Internal building checks cannot be conducted without the presence of the owner/keyholder. Another big mistake made by these owners is stacking boxes and/or stock right up to their ceilings, as this allows burglars to use the boxes as a ladder, providing them with easy access into the offices below. Many times these boxes/stock obstruct the PIRs (passive infrared detectors), which will prevent an alarm activation when an intrusion does occur. By installing an Atlas Roof Protector (ARP) you can curb this modus operandi. The ARP is a specialised detector that is designed for use in harsh environments, such as roof spaces.

Another alarming trend which Montgomery has noticed is bathroom windows and bedroom windows have been targeted this week during the day. Monty reminds readers to ensure that these windows are well burglar proofed and secured. He also issued a warning to homeowners to educate their domestic workers on how to keep safe while alone at home.

Lastly, Monty warns that the war on front door breaks continues. Be aware and make sure that you have the necessary defences in place.

Till next week, stay safe.