This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, warns that attacks during home invasions are becoming more brutal. All kinds of weapons are now used to invade homes and harm the victims. This past week, two such incidents took place where pangas were used. During the one incident an elderly person was badly injured. Thankfully he survived the attack.

Monty wishes to warn readers that criminals are using fear tactics. It is vital to stay calm should you find yourself in such a situation. Do not retaliate or fight back – it could cost you your life. Criminals are not only harming their victims but are going so far as to ending someone’s life which disastrous.

He continues to warn the public to be aware of intruders who enter by surprising homeowners. These are the criminals who watch your every move and strike when you least expect it. They wait for the perfect opportunity and take the gap when the time is right. They sometimes hide inside your home and attack when you are less vigilant. He emphasizes that readers must realize that criminals are always out there watching you.

Monty mentions that it has come to our attention that our shopping centre parking areas have become very vulnerable, especially the ones used for your daily grocery top ups. A lot of vehicle remote jamming is taking place as well as robberies from person. Many times a vehicle will be used as a means to get away. The most dangerous crime also taking place is robbery at ATM’s. Be extremely vigilant and do not withdraw large sums of cash at ATM’s. Click here for safety tips when at the ATM.

Next up he reminds readers to be careful about what they place in their boot of their cars. Criminals have figured out that vehicle boots are full of valuables as people return home after a work day. Therefore it is wise not to stop at shops (to buy groceries etc) after work as the chances of them looting your vehicle are inevitable. Recently criminals broke into a motor vehicle and got hold of a ladies handbag that contained her bank cards including her pin numbers in a diary which allowed them to empty her bank account. Do not make it that easy for criminals.

Lastly, a reminder that school holidays start today and with that comes house breakings with slightly larger losses (especially the month of April). Monty requests readers to ensure that their security company knows who the keyholders are. This dedicated person must also be able to get to your house speedily should a break in occur while you’re away. Monty believes that all types of crime increases during holidays due to all the activities/events happening in the Metro i.e. theft of motor vehicles, theft out of motor vehicles, burglaries and home invasions.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.