This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reminds readers how vital it is to have a security plan in place. This goes for residential and commercial industries.

Last week, Monty informed the readers how clever criminals are. They plan their intrusions very carefully – obviously around the burglar alarm system, so that they can go about their work without any interruptions. Their mission is to bypass the burglar alarm system.

This week they did exactly that by breaking in through the spare bedroom that was not alarmed – proceeding down the passage that was also not alarmed and, finally, crawling around to gather valuables. They also tend to break through a window and secure the window once they’ve completed their burglary. Monty reminds the readers that suspects do crawl around, use mattresses and wear all sorts of suits to get past the alarms.

Monty also warns readers that criminals are now looking at the various established neighbourhoods and concluded that most of the houses have old alarm systems – which are easy to bypass. He urges residents to check out their security barriers and alarm systems and ensure that they have the best layers in place. You do not want to be woken up by a burglar standing next to your bed! Take some time to think about the security measures that you have in place – perimeter and internal protection. Visit our website to browse through the various products and services available Products & Services.

Ask yourself the question: How old are your passive infrared detectors (PIRs)? Passive infrared detectors or PIRs are one of the key elements of your alarm system. They have microwave detectors installed which detect changes in infrared radiation impinging on them.

The next question Monty raises is: Do you have dogs that sleep in your garden? Ensure that they are well protected so that criminals cannot harm them nor lock them in a section of the yard, thereby allowing them to easily break into your house. Normally, dogs would bark hysterically when thieves are roaming around your neighbourhood. Do the necessary checks when your dog barks anxiously. Monty suggests investigating without putting yourself in danger. DO NOT go outside to investigate – rather switch on your outside lights and observe.

If you do have all the necessary barriers in place, as Monty recommends, remember to test them regularly. To test your alarm call Atlas today on 0861 585 585 to perform a “walk” test of your alarm system, or you can schedule a technician to test your alarm and address any faults.

Monty would like to address the business owners, schools, factories and industrial businesses. Roof burglaries are still too high at the above mentioned premises. This method of entering is very popular amongst the criminal element and is happening far too often.

Lastly, Monty shares that the gangs targeting safes are still in operation. They are not holding back and are more brazen than ever. He urges residents – especially business owners – to ensure that their safes are connected to a burglar alarm. Montgomery adds that sufficient layers of protection should be in place before burglars can gain access to the safe. There are two important places where criminals should not be able to gain access to: your safe and your alarm panel. Contact Atlas for more advice on this matter.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.