This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reports that the city is still experiencing a high volume of hijackings and muggings. Criminals have tapped into this easy crime wave due to inattentiveness of the people.

Monty highlights the following hijacking precautions:
• There is no time for any distractions.
• He urges you to stay focused, especially within the last 5km from your home.
• Look around and make sure that no one is following you.
• Turn music softer.
• Where possible, phone a loved one to check that you enter the home safely.
• Ask your loved one to have a remote panic button handy.
• Should you see that someone is following you, drive around the block or to the nearest police station.
• If you have valuables in your vehicle, make sure no one knows. Many people are hijacked for the valuables in their vehicles.

Monty is extremely concerned about the state of crime in the Bay. As a city, we will be joining forces to combat these threats and Atlas is trying its utmost to assist from all angles. Continuous rioting is causing havoc in our traffic; political crimes and incitement are on-going and massive; and the usual syndicates are controlling our Bay and causing havoc. Unhappiness in the Metro is a major problem at the moment and simply causes more strikes and riots.

It is time for us to work together, as there is no time for negligence and paranoia. Residents are essentially inviting bad elements into their areas by being negligent. If you observe – you’ll notice that elderly people are being targeted at the moment. Woman and children are becoming victims of crimes. This is a clear sign that bad elements are taking over our city.

Criminals are always looking for easy ways to access your property. Monty shares, sadly, that it is now noticable that armed robberies are happening at any time of the day, whereas, in the past it occurred during opening and closing times. He also reminds readers that home invasions are happening at a different time. It is now occurring early evenings when you’re at your most relaxed.

House robberies also peak during the early hours of the morning due to:
• People go into a deep sleep.
• The roads are quiet.
• Homes without dogs & outdoor lighting become easy targets.
• Your burglar alarm is off.
• No security gate in place.
• The condition of your external wall.

Home invasions: Please pay serious attention to your security setup as home invasions are way out of hand.

Very Important questions Monty raised:
– What alarm system do you have?
– How many passives (PIR’s) do you have? (A 2 PIR special won’t be sufficient.)
– Do you think about the odds of being burgled?
– Have you evaluated your security measures?
– Do you think Atlas will receive an alarm signal from your alarm?
– Did you know that the budget for your alarm is your choice?
– Did you know that your alarm belongs to you?
– Did you know that your alarm selection is your choice?
– Did you know that the number of items in your alarm is your choice?

Monty is positive that in conjunction with the SAPS, we are making arrests, but in reality, criminals are released from prison all the time and return to the game when they’re released. He doesn’t notice any rehabilitation happening to prisoners, but these are the facts – they return smarter, faster, bigger and better.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.