This week Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, would like to warn those who have premises in any commercial areas. “We have seen a tremendous increase in the Industrial areas and have found that the suspects are going for large warehousing.” Monty reported. Please make sure that should you have a warehouse full of merchandising – it must not cover any passives or create shields to keep the suspects from being detected. Should this be the case – please advise your consultant of this when doing risk assessments. This way they can ensure the best cover.

With all the sporting festivities happening over the next few months, Monty urge all residents and keyholders to be readily available should you not be home. Make sure that your keyholder is not attending the same event to make it easier to have someone check the inside of your premises. You will have noticed that should your alarm have activated – our controllers have insisted on someone opening up or getting a locksmith to site. The reason for this is because of the amount of burglaries where one zone has activated – the keyholder is not available and our response can only check from the outside. Most of the times the intruders have got into the site without any external damage and wait until someone arrives or leaves. Should they see someone arriving they still have ample time to get out of the property due to gates etc.

Should the alarm activate – the criminals know to wait in one spot until the alarm siren stop. If they see no one arriving on site they have already got a good idea of where everything is situated and their escape route.

Monty would like to emphasise on the amount of recurring burglaries at commercial and sometimes even residential areas. Once a target place has been successful burgled – the suspects know exactly what is happening, the layout and the hours. Please make sure that you are on high alert – should the commercial areas have guards on site – please inform them to be extra vigilant. Where burglaries use to start from 22:00 they have now started anytime from 16:00.

Atlas have detected that numerous complexes and retirement villages do not have gates or do not have sufficient security access in and out of them. In order for us to secure your premises we need to know that should there be any access gained to the property – It cannot be done without trespassing. Due to the lack of security – many vehicles have been broken into and valuables have been taken without intrusions.

Monty reported that there have been a number on instances where older folk have been approached to rent or let out their garages that are no longer in use. Please be very careful when doing so – there have been syndicates targeting certain people to have “hideaway” places for their extra curricula activities. Make sure that should you be renting out rooms or flatlets – your tenants adhere to your security standards. There have been numerous occasions where theft or intrusions have been cause by “a student that did not close the gate” or a “tenant who did not arm their alarm,” please do not become victim to this.

Our EPS systems have helped us so much with watching any suspicious activity or persons in an area – our armed response are trying their best to control the movement in every area.

Monty reported that we recently had an incident where a neighbour was vigilant and heard her neighbour screaming. Without investigating she immediately hit her panic button. Upon arrival – response confirmed that the owner was looking for her cell-phone and when going out to the deck – the suspects overpowered her. By that time the suspects had already removed the window panels and waited for her to ring her cell-phone from her landline. When she heard the phone on the deck she proceeded to open the door and as she touched her phone the over powered her. The neighbour heard the scream for help and luckily the owner sustained no injuries. This is a perfect example of a vigilant neighbour. Do not always investigate – rather get the trained officers to check – do however check that your neighbour is okay and take full descriptions of everything happening without being seen.

With the weekend weather that is headed our way, Monty urges all subscribers to please stay safe – make sure the coastline is avoided with the high seas. We tend to close everything up in this weather – don’t be naive to what is happening outside. Be more alert and more aware of what is happening around you!

Pedestrians are still soft targets and we cannot stress it enough to please make sure that you are in groups – if it is not possible, make sure you walk in well lit areas. Keep valuables out of the eye and take note of any suspicious people around you – you even need to watch for cars stopping on the side of the road.