This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reports that our City is abuzz with visitors, foreigners and even homeless people and beggars flocking to our city. The festive season is here – he can see the affect it has on the number of reported crimes.

He adds that we are in no way doomed; we just have to control the situation. With the help of the SAPS, neighbourhood watches and even residents, we can experience a safe festive season.

Earlier this week, Monty reported that a foreign couple were robbed while taking a stroll on the beach. They sadly lost all their personal belongings. Monty assisted by escorting them back to the hotel where they were staying. The couple was distraught and in such shock that they immediately packed up and decided to go back to their country – without opening a case with the Police. With increased visibility and quick responses, we will be able to stop these kinds of crimes before they even take place in order to have a safe festive season.

Armed robberies and home invasions are still prominent at the moment. Monty reminds residents to continuously be aware of their surroundings and not be negligent. To be on the safe side, we urge all readers to remain calm but also be on high alert. Do not rest on your laurels and beef up your security. The criminal is only as successful as we make him…because of our own negligence. Remember – if you see something suspicious, be sure to report it. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, make sure you have a good relationship with your neighbour and don’t ignore foreign activity or sounds.

Another type of crime that is on the increase is patrons being robbed of their handbags while dining at restaurants. Look after your handbag as it contains a lot of valuables.

Theft of and theft out of motor vehicles and hijackings are still ongoing. Please be cautious at all times especially at four way stops and traffic lights. These have become hot spots and criminals would appear out of nowhere and grab your jewellery and goods on your seat etc. Note that this happens very quickly so avoid having your vehicle boxed and being bumper to bumper. Always make sure you’re able to get away.

Lastly Monty warns shoppers to stay safe while going about Black Friday shopping. Criminals know that shoppers will be carrying large sums of cash and vehicle boots will be filled with loot. Know that you might be watched and followed home. Be alert and aware of your surroundings.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.

Keep your children safe these holidays.

With busy schedules and far too little days in a week to do it all, we sometimes forget some very important safety rules. Take the time to refresh your memory and educate your children with these quick to learn safety rules:

• Never open the door to strangers. Tell the person knocking that your mom/dad is at home but is busy
and unable to answer the door.

• Use caller ID or an answering machine to screen telephone calls. When answering the phone, never tell
callers you are home alone. Tell them your mom/dad is busy and will call them back.

• Keep all doors and windows locked. Make sure you know how the alarm works and keep the perimeter
alarm armed, if need be.

• When coming home, never enter the house if there are open or broken windows, doors, or other signs of
forced entry. Leave and get help from a trusted neighbour or alert Atlas.

• Tell your parents of any fears or concerns you may have while being at home alone.