Monty’s Crime Report: Don’t Leave Valuables In Your Vehicle!

Monty Montgomery, Atlas Security Operations Manager warns that an increase in visitors to homes obviously increases the valuables onsite. More socializing and braais automatically mean more handbags, cell phones and tables in homes. The criminal element is taking advantage and targeting vehicles parked outside on the lawns. This lures the perpetrators to strike.

Criminals are thriving on targeting the elderly and our children. This is an easy way for them to get money. Never leave them on their own. Always make sure that they are accompanied by an adult and that you have a plan should an emergency arise.

It’s that time of the year where armed robberies are increasing. Criminals are stocking up on cash and guns. Please take note that these robbers are armed with real guns and shots can be fired during the robbery. They are ruthless and won’t hesitate to hurt or even kill. Be extra careful and alert when you are out shopping.

This goes for home invasions too. Lock away your valuables. Have extra protection and double barriers in place. Make sure that your alarm is in a working condition and that you have multiple layers of protection in place. He reminds readers to protect their bathrooms. Make sure that your alarm will activate when intruders break into your bathroom and through your roof, which is the most common entry points lately.

Monty urges residents to continue sharing information and to always keep a watchful eye on their neighbourhoods. Look around and continue to be “nosy”. Let us clear our streets and create a crime free Metro.

Businesses and commercial properties are targeted at night and during the weekend. Make sure that you have a trustworthy and reliable keyholder in place to investigate with the Response Officer. Should you choose not to meet with the Response Officer, the chances of them emptying your premises is big.

Take note that theft out of motor vehicles and outbuildings are climbing. These are normally filled with valuables, unprotected and an easy way of enriching criminals thus this has become a country wide problem.

Stay safe and rest assured, your world is secure in Atlas’ hands.