“We are forced to continuously check and change our procedures due to the criminal activity in the NMB,” reported Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager. Monty urges all subscribers to not form patterns. It is so in us to form a pattern without knowing it, try and make sure that there is continuous change in those activities you do daily.

It is as easy as a google search to find out how to arm or disarm an alarm – It is our priority to always be one step ahead because that is something we cannot control. We continue to change procedure and educate our subscribers so that they can avoid being a victim. Monty urges all subscribers to please make sure you have efficient protection for your roof. We have had countless burglaries where the setup has been so premeditated it has become a concern. Contact our sales team to assist with any extra protection on 0861 585 585 or email: info@atlas24.co.za.

With the festive season approaching us, Monty is very concerned with the amount of firearms being stolen. We have put extra precautionary methods to safe guard your belongings – please ensure that you have spoken to one of our experts regarding your safe!

A home invasion is still one of the scariest incidents for anyone to go through. The trauma involved in waking up with intruders next to your bed is not something we would like anyone to be a victim to. If you are taking any medication that may lead to drowsiness, Monty urges those to make sure you have a safe room so that should your home be targeted, your life is not in danger.

In the next few months, a lot of companies will be having staff functions. Never drop your guard – alcohol allows this to happen. Suspects’ watch those who are vulnerable – follow you home and before you know it you become a victim to something that traumatising. Monty urges everyone that knows this could happen, to have someone that you can call and speak to once you are home and made sure your doors etc are locked. There have been many incidents where someone has landed up on a couch without locking their door and woken up to a ransacked home.

Fraud is something we need to be careful of in times of need. Monty has come across people who have been victims in time of desperation. “Loan sharks” are being imitated – they will call you and even have a little office set up for a short time. An administration fee is required before the loan money is released into your account and before you know it – they have fled with your deposit and no money is coming your way. Monty also urges all those buying goods off of social media platforms to please be vigilant – do not pay any monies over before you have your product with you – COD!

Rest assured – your world is secure in our hands!