“Front door kickers are back in action and we have had subscribers that have been hit more than once!” reported Monty Montgomery, Operations Manager. We have picked up a trend where a lot of subscribers are being hit for the second or even third time. The same items are going missing as well – please make sure that your front door or any exterior doors are well secured. Should you be the victim to this, please make sure that your protection is increased.

Theft out of motor vehicle is still an ongoing problem. Monty reported that the NMB is experiencing anything from 600 – 800 incidents a month. This has spiked and a lot of this is due to negligence. We urge those who live in a complex to please make sure you have valuables left in your vehicle, the complex gets targeted and that lures the perpetrators in. Think of how your negligence could impact the community around you! Monty has reported that we have had a lot of “false claims” that have been brought to light. Members of the public are claiming for excessive amounts of goods that were not even in the vehicle.

We have experienced a lot of home invasions that are only discovered after time in larger homes where a domestic could be busy on one side of the house. The intruders are aware of what is happening in the home – those with domestics especially. Please inform your domestic worker to make sure that should any windows or doors be left open, they are properly secured. There have been incidents where the domestic has been ironing in one part of the house and only come across the burglary after she has moved to the other side of the home. We need to safe guard those who could be in danger.

The amount of armed robberies where shots have been fired has spiked tremendously. Monty urges all those with very confidential information regarding large sums of monies in your home or business need to please keep that information private. The only way we are having this “coincidental” attacks are because information has been leaked.

Please make sure that if you have a domestic that comes to site in the morning – they are aware of your surroundings. We have had incidents were the domestic is followed into the home and the owners’ are over powered. All sliding doors to please be well secured and have security gates if possible – we have had countless incidents where the sliding door is being lifted off the rail and entry is gained. Make sure that should you take your dogs out in the evening you do not have perpetrators waiting to overpower you.

When walking in the public makes sure your valuables are not visible. Do not wear earphones while walking, you are unaware of what is happening and the people around you are aware that you have a valuable item with you.

Hijackings have become very aggressive and traumatic. The hijackers have no mercy – please be aware of your surroundings and where you driving at certain times of the day/ night.

You can count on us – we are ready to assist you anytime on any given day!