This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, would like to warn all subscribers about the immense spike in front door burglaries.
He urges all residents to ensure that all gates on the premises are secured properly. We understand that this could be a costly exercise – Monty therefore advises that you add extra locks onto your gates. If you have a back door, there should be a security gate on the inside of your door – thus creating an extra barrier. Stable doors have been targeted, should you have one; please ensure that you have more than one magnetic contact installed as well as a security gate.
Monty advises that should someone knock on your door unannounced – you make them aware of the fact that you are home. He said a mere opening of a curtain to show them off is all you need to do. You safeguard yourself from entertaining a sly tactic they could be using to gain access into your home.
As you are aware of the Plasma TV being the most targeted item to date – Monty warns subscribers of the suspects who are starting to “shop” around. We had a few incidents where not only the Plasma TV was taken but valuable items that tend to lay close to it. Monty asks that you ensure all your valuable items are left in one safe place.
One of our greatest concerns is still those homes that are under protected. Please ensure that all your alarm equipment and valuables are well protected – we should enable early detection and therefore need an alarm system up to standard.
An incident occurred in Walmer over the past week – an intruder made his way through a garage inter leading door and managed to disable the entire system. Crime trends in 2017 and crime trends in 2007 were completely different – hence the positioning of your alarm equipment is so important. Monty urges all home owners who have had their alarm systems installed a while back to please have your equipment positioning checked. Email for more information.
We would like to warn all those residents with bush in their surrounding area. Monty specifically mentioned the Baakens Valley which effects; Mill Park, Linkside, Walmer and Walmer Downs. All the mentioned suburbs have experienced crime. With the help of the Metro, Atlas ensures you that we are doing our best to clear the bush area as best possible – please remember that where the re-establish themselves, the crime will increase. Be aware of your surroundings and take note of unfamiliar activity.
Home invasions are still a great concern Monty mentioned – the elderly are being targeted. A heartbreaking incident occurred where an elderly resident was attacked in her home and the neighbours were not aware of anything happening right next door to them. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, make sure you have a good relationship with your neighbour and don’t ignore foreign activity or sounds.
With the installation of our CCTV in strategic areas, Monty confirms that it has added great value to early detection. The hardware assists us in preventing an incident or where one has occurred, assisting us in making an arrest.
Monty warns all subscribers who arrive home when the night has fallen. Ensure that you secure your vehicle as you get home – the vehicle theft has increased dramatically. Should you be someone who parks their car later at night, Monty urges you to please do so as you get home. Safeguard your vehicle before it is too late.
When collecting your children from school, we urge you to please be aware of any unfamiliar activity or vehicles. Vehicles that are left unattended at schools are being targeted – therefore theft out of motor vehicle has come up as a great concern. Please ensure that your children are aware of their surroundings and do not walk around with valuables, this entices the suspects to rob them – leaving your child traumatised and in danger.
Lastly, we cannot warn you enough to be aware of what is happening around you. Incidents happen in a matter of seconds, if we can delay or eliminate these together – we know we are on the right path!