This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, is focused on taking back the city. This past week he noticed a great buzz in the city. Citizens are excited about the vibe and eager to get involved.

Atlas is fully committed to creating a safer future for the Nelson Mandela Metro. Our aim is to make PE the city that everyone wants to be part of, focusing on keeping the vulnerable youth and the elderly safe. Monty wishes to thank all the members from the various emergency companies for their involvement.

After a burglary, Monty urges residents, business owners and keyholders to come out to the scene as quick as possible. This is to ensure the safety of your goods and allows the Response Officers to attend to other emergencies. Family members and employees come and go, so make sure your keyholder details are updated on our system. Whoever is looking after your home must be in town, know about your burglar alarm procedure and their responsibilities as a key holder. For more information please contact our Control Centre on 0861 585 585 or email .

Monty warns that the angle-grinder gang have not disappeared. A few well-known businesses have fallen victim to this gang this week. Thankfully, the keyholders arrived within minutes, minimizing their loss. He mentions that the biggest threat at the moment is armed robberies. He advises business owners to keep their cash flow low onsite. Plan smartly. Change your routine and refrain from keeping high value stock and money on your premises.

Another extremely high crime is theft of / theft out of motor vehicles. The criminal element is taking advantage and targeting vehicles parked outside. Unfortunately, these residents are forced to leave their vehicles in an unprotected space. Monty urges residents, especially students, not to leave any valuables inside their vehicles. Placing valuables in your boot is also not advisable, as burglars can easily gain access via the back seat of your car. Also, do not pack your valuables in the boot of the vehicle after parking in a public area. Many times criminals are watching you and strike thereafter. On the topic of motor vehicles, obviously it’s more difficult to steal modern vehicles, which do not need a key to open or start the car. Monty warns that this does not stop the criminals. They will go to the extreme lengths of hijacking or breaking into your premises for the key / spare key – he therefore urges everyone to have a plan in place to prevent this crime.

Lastly, Monty urges each and every one to support the Metro’s ambition to take back the city. Stay positive. With your help, we will curb crime, corruption and unlawfulness.