This week Monty Montgomery would like to steer the focus to home invasions while the home owners are on site. “For the past 20 years I never thought I would see such brutality,” reported Monty Montgomery. These types of home invasions are happening on a daily basis. Monty urges all subscribers to please alert us or someone should o\you feel unsafe – never confront the perpetrators. If you hear something outside – alert Atlas Security, by you walking out you become vulnerable. Safe guard yourself and your family – alert someone and wait for help. One of the most recent home invasion in Schoenmakerskop resulted in a double murder – please make sure that you follow these steps to safeguard your family:

• Should you leave home and your loved ones are at home – make sure that upon your return you meet each other to “okay” that no one is following you and no one is in your home.
• If you are alone at home – make sure you have a safe place should anything happen. If you have remote panics, make sure to keep them with you.

Make sure that when walking into a store – you have scouted the area and you feel safe. The amount of armed robberies taking place is ludicrous! Monty has found that a lot of times the shop has already been held hostage and are waiting for victims to walk in. “Please trust your gut feeling when something doesn’t feel okay,” pleaded Monty. Constantly be on the lookout without becoming paranoid.

Thursday – Sunday have been the highest trend in home invasions where the owners are away. There are also a few steps Monty has advised of before going away:

• Make sure you test your alarm before leaving home.
• Your keyholder information needs to be updated – make sure this specific person goes to your home daily and literally opens up to check that all is in order
• Your keyholder needs to check that the power is still on. Home invaders switch this off and wait a day before they strike!
• Do not leave outside lights burning – home invaders see those lights burning throughout the day and are made aware of the fact that no one is home. Don’t create an easy target!

Monty reiterated the fact that there are still too many vehicles standing outside the yard instead of being parked. The increase in hijackings and theft of motor vehicles have sky rocketed, this is contributes to the increase thereof. Please make sure that when you get home you park your vehicles and all gates etc are locked. You are vulnerable at night when parking your vehicle if you have been able to do so earlier. The crime that once took place only after midnight has moved to anytime between 18:00 – 20:00.

The crime at inter sections and stop streets are also very concerning. Please make sure that at “hot spots” you are aware of your surroundings, your car is locked and windows to be closed. Any subscribers or members of the public need to be extra careful in the evening, you cannot see around every corner or tree – make sure you are alert at all times! Report any suspicious vehicles or activity to us – we are there for you 24/7.

There is no longer a peak time for crime – there are different crimes that take place different times of the day but Monty has informed us that for at least 20 hours of the 24 hour day, an incident is reported. We are on full alert and are aware of the ever rising crime in our city. We have a state of the art control room and fully qualified reaction officers ready to fight back for our streets!