Monty’s Crime Report: Home invasions – Are you at risk?

Atlas Operations Manager, Monty Montgomery does not have good news regarding home invasions. As you are aware, a number of residents have been badly injured and there was even a loss of life. Do the necessary checks when your dog barks anxiously. He suggests investigating without putting yourself in danger. DO NOT go outside to investigate – rather switch on your outside lights and observe. Call for help when you hear/see any suspicious activity.

Access control on your property is vital and must be controlled 100%. Do not take chances. Do not be negligent. Do not leave your gates/doors open because you are expecting friends/family to arrive in a few minutes. During most of the recent home invasions, Monty noted that no forced entry was gained. 

Get to know your neighbours, they could just save your life! Look after each other. When arriving at home alone or late at night, ask your neighbour to watch as you enter your home. Extra eyes and ears could save your life.

Monty looked at the most recent house robberies and found an obvious pattern – the victims were not security conscious enough and didn’t have a back-up plan, thinking it would never happen to them.

He reiterates the following vital lifelines:

  • There must be a keypad in or near your bedroom.
  • Try to have as many PIR’s (passives) armed at night when going to bed to eliminate movement in your house.
  • Try and have a barrier, such as a gate between your bedrooms and the main living areas of your home
  • Ensure that your bathroom is properly protected – a magnetic contact on the internal door is a good addition
  • Ensure that your roof space has adequate protection, such as an ARP (passive in your roof)
  • Ensure that you have a panic button close by.
  • Test your alarm once a month – Call our control room on 0861 585 585 to do the test
  • Check the age of your burglar alarm system.

Business and Industrial burglaries are very high during the evenings and weekends during day. They plan their intrusions very carefully – obviously around the burglar alarm system so that they can go about their work without any interruptions which, most of the time, have a disastrous outcome. Their mission is to bypass the burglar alarm system and later return to

Businesses as well as domestic sites are experiencing problems with electric gate motors being stolen. This crime goes hand in hand with theft out of motor vehicles as well. This crime increases tremendously during the night and weekends where premises are left unattended. 

Another known factor is that suspects are well aware that most of the outbuildings / wendy houses and carports are not alarmed. Ensure that wendy houses are secured. On a weekly basis, Monty finds that tools are being stolen out of a wendy houses and used to break into the property. Bicycles, lawn mowers, garden furniture, copper and steel are still regular items on a criminals list. These items are then sold to dealers and are a form of income to the criminals.

Lastly, the saying “a little effort goes a long way,” has never been more accurate. Safety and security requires effort and attention to detail. Pulling into your driveway and parking your car in the garage instead of doing it later, could have a larger affect than you can imagine. Make sure that when you do pull your vehicle into the garage/ car port – someone is aware that you are not in the house at that time. Stay safe and rest assured, your world is secure in Atlas’ hands.