This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, warns residents of the Metro that home invasions are far too high at the moment. A home invasion is where criminals break in to your home whilst you are there. The most recent house robbery published in the media this week, explained in detail how the criminals held up a family while they ransacked the entire house.

Monty looked at the most recent house robberies and found an obvious pattern – the victims were not security conscious enough, didn’t have a plan and thought it would never happen to them.

– He reiterates the following vital lifelines:
– must have a keypad in near your bedroom.
– try to have as many PIR’s armed at night when you sleep to eliminate movement in your house.
– try to have a barrier, such as a gate between your bedrooms and the main living areas of your home
– ensure that your bathroom is properly protected – a magnetic contact on the internal door is a good addition
– ensure that your roof space has adequate protection, such as an ARP
– ensure that you have a panic button close by.
– test your alarm once a month.
– check the age of your burglar alarm system.

Your aim should be not to wake up with a suspect standing next to your bed with a weapon to your head. Three homes were invaded this week where occupants had no means of raising the alarm for urgent help. Fortunately, these incidents all had good endings – the victims were unharmed and able to get help.

It is important to have a plan in place should an emergency happen occur.
– What are you going to do?
– Where are you going to go?
– And who are you going to call for help?

A very concerning topic that Monty raised was how homeowners allow their pets to dictate their burglar alarm parameters inside their homes, especially at night when they’re asleep. Neither should a trip to the bathroom nor kitchen dictate your stay mode during the middle of the night.

Monty found that residents tend to try and save money by only installing one alarm keypad in their homes, thus making it difficult to operate their alarms when they go to bed at night. He advises residents to review their risks and consider having a second keypad in your bedroom or as near to it as possible, for peace of mind when they’re asleep.

Monty recently found that criminals are monitoring residential patterns prior to breaking in. A typical example would be, if you hear something during the night, do not disarm your alarm system. Criminals tend to be waiting for you to disarm it and check the doors and that is when they’ll strike. He also wants to issue a reminder to pet owners to be alert when letting them out during the early hours of the morning. This also becomes a pattern that could be watched by would-be robbers.

Lastly, Monty reports that even though all he has discussed is rather scary – as are the incidents which occurred, but the they could have been avoided.

Till next week, stay safe.