This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, is concerned that house robberies –where residents are restrained / attacked are on the rise. He also expressed concern over the number of home invasions that have taken place this past week.

A home invasion is where criminals break into your premises while you are at home. This is one of the scariest events, one that we don’t like seeing and Monty finds that the stats are far too high and emphasizes the need to address this topic. People are assaulted and families left traumatized. Residents are also taking the law into their own hands with far too many warning gunshots being fired off, which can result in tragedy. Keep your doors locked and be aware of strangers and definitely do not entertain them at all.

Fortunately Atlas subscribers have been kept safe this week. On the other hand, we cannot make the statement that the city has been safe, as a lot of violent crimes took place this week ranging from attacks, armed robberies and even murders. Monty urges all subscribers to stay safe and keep sharing information with each other. Together we can win.

Monty further urges residents to make sure that they have some form of security measures and ensure that you have an escape plan in place. Do not gamble with your loved ones lives – make sure that you have the necessary security barriers in place with a security company who will respond to your emergency.

Be sure to also have internal security measures in place, such as a security barrier or door that separates the living areas from the bedrooms and install a panic button in the bedroom, which is linked to an armed response company. This will reduce your risk of being confronted by armed home invaders.

If you are unfortunate enough to be confronted in your house, here are a few tips that will help you.

• Stay calm and do not make any sudden movements that could be construed as threatening. Make sure your hands can be seen at all times.
• Do not look the person in the eye.
• Do not confront the person.
• Follow ALL instructions given to you. Hand over any valuables they want, give them any keys they want.
• Concentrate on the following information: clothes the person is wearing, language or accent, names mentioned, age, nationality, etc.
• Do not speak to the person if not spoken to.
• Only give information that is asked – do not offer additional information.
• Do not try to be a hero under any circumstances.
• If you are asked to lie on the floor, lie in view of the robbers with your hands visible.

Lastly, Monty shares that the victims were not security conscious enough and didn’t have a back-up plan, thinking it would never happen to them. The city is still experiencing a high volume of hijackings and muggings. Criminals have tapped into this easy crime wave due to inattentiveness of the people. Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.