This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager reports that the first month of the year has officially passed and that sadly it was not a good month. He urgently calls on everyone to get back to basics.

When he mentions basics – he is referring to the basic safety precautions that must be practiced. Eg.
• Arm your alarm – day and night.
• Make sure you have adequate alarm protection
• Ensure that your alarm panel is well protected so that intruders can’t disable it.

Do NOT live under false pretence…Do not pretend that you have sufficient protection when your alarm is 10+ years old. Atlas is offering all readers a free risk assessment quote. Contact our office on 0861 585 585 or email .

Monty finds that people tend to drop their guard when walking in the street especially when at the bank. This is a time when you’re most vulnerable. Always be aware of what is going on around you and do not be distracted.

Another trend that reared its head is the carelessness of our communities – relating to their Domestic Workers. Have you ever thought about the way your domestic worker enters and leave your home daily? Have you ever wondered if she’s not being followed by crooks?

This week an unlucky domestic was involved in a traumatic house robbery. The criminals followed her and overpowered her as she unlocked the house. She was assaulted, tied up and the house was ransacked.

Another concern is that doors are often left open/unlocked while domestic workers are on site. Monty reminds readers about a very important factor – that burglar alarms are managed by codes and that it is possible to arm your burglar alarm when you domestic worker leaves. Ensure that your alarm programming is adjusted to your specific needs…ie. how you enter and exit the house as well as when you sleep at night.

Hijacking: Hijacking is definitely on the rise in the Metro. Be cautious when leaving and arriving at home/work. This is the place where you usually let your guard down. Montgomery advises homeowners to make sure that their family and friends are safe when they arrive or leave their home. A follow up call/message to your family is also recommended to check if they arrived safely.

House robberies: Syndicates have become aware that house robberies are more lucrative when residents are at home, due to the fact that 99% of the time your alarm won’t be armed and they’ll gain more when you are at home. Monty urges residents to be safety conscious when at home. Make sure that you have panic buttons handy.

Armed robberies: This has become a daily occurrence. Keep your eyes peeled when shopping and always be aware and alert when out and about.

Theft out of motor vehicles: Happening far too frequently. Many cars are parked on verges in residential areas. This makes you extremely vulnerable and attracts shady characters into your area.
Cars parked on verges – very vulnerable. Always be aware of suspicious vehicles in your area.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.