This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, focuses on how easy some residents make it for criminals to access their properties. As he drives around he is shocked at the little or no perimeter protection at some homes.

He warns residents to always ensure that all doors and gates are locked properly. Make sure that there are no unwanted predators in your area. Monty goes on by adding that criminals literally go around feeling the doors for easy access in an attempt to quickly grab valuables. Give heed and make sure you’re able to prevent this from happening to you.

On a daily basis, Monty receives plenty of questions from residents as to how burglaries actually unfold. Residents cannot believe how criminals gain access to their properties via high walls with electric fencing. Monty and many residents have witnessed these criminal’s climbing techniques and the extreme lengths they go to in order to hoist themselves over a wall/fence. To the ordinary man it might seem impossible but to these “criminal specialists” it’s a walk in the park. Monty has also seen CCTV footage of how they carry away plasma TVs, climb fences, kick down doors, bend gates and enter and exit under minutes.

In addition to this, Monty highlights the importance and strength of community neighbourhood watches. These are organized groups of civilians devoted to the prevention of crime and vandalism within a neighbourhood – one of the most effective ways to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour within certain areas. These groups work in conjunction with private security companies like Atlas and our local SAPS.

The first weekend of school holidays is behind us and Monty is happy to say we’re in control. Armed robberies and house robberies are in full swing, but fortunately victims have been brave and managed to defend themselves successfully.

Monty is extremely proud of the citizens of Port Elizabeth who have been working together and sharing information with one another. This has helped tremendously to dispatch the necessary emergency personnel. Be the eyes and ears and report any suspicious elements or incidents. Stand together and let’s take back our streets and enjoy living freely. At the moment criminals are ruling our city and it’s time that everybody does their little bit to fight crime. Thanks to high visibility, quick responses and also residents sharing info this has resulted in no loss break-ins which helps to keep bad elements out of our areas.

Next up, Monty touches on a very sensitive topic at the moment – the safety of our elderly. He urges the public and families to look after the elderly! Make sure they have a remote panic button and actually wear it around their neck. Monty also warns that elderly people were also recently targeted, tied up and beaten for loot. He urges families to look after their elderly as well as their children. The last thing we want happen is for them to be unexpectedly surprised by someone next to their bed.

Theft out of vehicles and hijacking is still ongoing. Remind your family and friends to be aware of this trend and to protect themselves. Robbery from person is also on top of the list of crimes. Make sure that you’re not inviting criminals to target you.

This week, criminals targeted a sub-station which resulted in extensive damage to the cables. This is an ongoing crime and causes major problems and damages within neighbourhoods. Monty urges residents residing close to these substations to keep an eye on them. If you see or hear anything suspicious, make sure to report it.

Please keep up the good work and help us keep our city safe and avoid losses. Let’s all enjoy our holidays and keep safe by ensuring zero tolerance of negligence and always being aware of our surroundings. Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.