This week, with a long weekend approaching, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Security Operations Manager, wants to reiterate all the safety measures that should be in place. He adds that he is pleased to report that our team is ready for the long weekend and is geared for whatever it may hold. Remember that it’s long weekend for both you and for the criminal element!

Going away and leaving your home unattended? Before you leave:

· Appoint a dedicated and reliable keyholder and make sure that our Control Room has the updated information on our system.
· Educate your keyholder on how to operate your alarm.
· It’s vital that your alarm is armed again after your keyholder has been there to check that everything
is as it should be.
· Make sure all your lights are working.
· Load enough prepaid electricity.
· Have your keyholder check that your electricity is always on as your alarm needs power.
· Have sturdy locks on your gates.
· Ensure that your security company has access to your yard.
· Update our Control Room with any relevant holiday instructions.

He urges those residents who will be staying at home to remain vigilant and be actively involved in fighting crime. Be nosy, be inquisitive and report any suspicious behavior.

This long weekend we celebrate Heritage Day – commonly known as “Braai Day” and most families will be sticking to the tradition of braaing and having family and friends over. Monty reminds all readers that an increase in visitors to your home obviously increases the valuables onsite. More socialising and braais automatically mean more handbags, cell phones and tablets in homes.

Everyone’s mission should be to keep their family and loved ones safe. Make sure that unwanted visitors can’t get to you and unexpectedly surprise you. He reminds readers not to forget about the suspects who wander around, looking for opportunities to enrich themselves. Lock away garden tools and valuables outside as it can disappear very quickly. Always keep a close eye on your kids/elderly and ensure they are kept safe.

Monty warns that hijackings and theft of motor vehicles is happening too often. Be observant and keep your doors locked. Focus when parking your vehicle and be aware of your surroundings.

Did you know that your Atlas Security warning signboards are your first line of defense, alerting would-be thieves that the premises are protected and monitored? So, make sure that they are displayed clearly. Have a look at your Atlas Security warning signs on your house/business – make sure that it’s not old/faded as this might indicate the age of your burglar alarm.

Lastly, let’s all work together to enjoy our heritage weekend. Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.